Visiting Wilmot Creek Outdoor Education Centre

visiting wilmot creek outdoor education centre

Our first visit to Wilmot Creek Outdoor Education Centre took place back when my son Nate was in the first grade. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a class trip there as a parent volunteer. It was snowy but beautiful, and the kids and adults both enjoyed their time there that day, learning about animal tracks and feeding the birds. We visited again in the fall of grade two. We had a great day with Jeff, the instructor who works in the education centre on site, learning more about orienteering and how to read maps and went on a scavenger hunt. The kids also had time to build forts in the woods out of the materials they could scavenge. Since then, visiting Wilmot Creek Outdoor Education Centre has been a regular activity for our family.

Visiting Wilmot Creek Outdoor Education Centre has become a favourite local destination for my family on a sunny weekend afternoon. LocatedĀ at 3245 Taunton Rd, Orono, the centre is just ten or fifteen minutes from our house, and easy to get to. If you pass the John Deere dealership, you’ve gone too far.

We love to walk the trails, and there are five different routes you can take, which are clearly marked as purple, red, orange, blue, or green. You can also combine parts of these trail loops to make a longer trek through the bush. There’s a map of the Orono Crown Lands at the head of the trail, and we recommend taking a photo of it on your way in so you can find your way along the trail system.

On the red trail, you’ll spend a lot of time on the banks of Wilmot Creek, which sounds lovely any time of year. You might be so lucky as to see rainbow trout in the creek. My favourite activity is to feed the red squirrels and chickadees behind the cabin. We keep a ziplock bag of sunflower seeds in our car, just in case we end up at the centre. The birds are accustomed to people feeding them, so it’s very likely you’ll end up with a chickadee or nuthatch feeding from your hand if you’re patient and can stand quietly still.

Other items you might consider bringing:

  • binoculars for birdwatching
  • a plastic bag for any trash you carry in (or find and care to carry out)
  • sunscreen
  • snack
  • camera
  • dog leash and waste bags if you bring your furry friend along
  • mittens & toques, if you’re visiting in the winter

Have a great hike!

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