The Importance of Editing Blog Content

the importance of editing blog content

This morning I sat down in front of my laptop and set out to read some new blog posts. My strategy involved searching Twitter for the hashtag #blogging and choosing three links. The links I chose had a professional appearance and were accompanied by a relevant graphic. Upon clicking each post, however, I was disappointed to find that all three of the links I picked out failed to address the importance of editing blog content. All three posts I read contained errors in spelling, grammar, and readability.

The Importance of Editing Blog Content for Readability, Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and grammar are so important to a lot of readers. Consequently, it can be very distracting to read a post filled with spelling errors or poor word usage. If a word is misspelled, an entire sentence can lose its meaning. When the grammar is terrible in the body of the post, it becomes difficult for the reader to understand what the writer is trying to say. Clicking away from the content becomes tempting when readability is lost.

Where else can you learn about the importance of editing blog content?

Blogging is a fast-moving medium. As a result, it’s tempting to produce a lot of content quickly rather than spending more time creating high-quality content. Therefore, when writing a blog is an important part of the marketing strategy for your small business, it’s much more important to write content that is high quality than it is to post a lot of junk.

I recently listened to an episode of Darren Rowse’s Problogger podcast, entitled “Edit Your Blog Post with Seven Simple Steps“. Darren sets out seven simple strategies for producing top-notch content. He also discusses how poor posts can turn off readers. Between listening to Darren’s editing process and this disappointing experience reading a few simple posts, I definitely agree upon the importance of editing blog content!

Tools and services can help you address the importance of editing blog content.

I’ve put together a short list of resources you can refer to when building readable and error-free blog posts for your business.

Do you write a blog for your small business? Do you think it’s more important to write a lot of content quickly, or to spend more time writing high-quality, edited content?

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2 Comments on “The Importance of Editing Blog Content”

  1. Thanks Amy! My spelling and grammar have always held me back from writing. Most of the time I just don’t bother to write because I know there will be so many mistakes. I guess you have to find a happy medium, try to edit your blog content as much as possible, without obsessing over it. When there are mistakes, try not to be too upset that you didn’t catch them, we all have our faults. Thanks for the links, hopefully they will inspire me to start writing more.

    1. Thanks so much for reading my post, Victoria! While it is important to edit your content before publishing, if you love writing, just go for it. It’s more important to actually get writing and have a friend or someone you trust (or pay) to look it over for you. Nobody is perfect, and I would hate to think a fear of being imperfect would keep anyone from writing if writing is something they enjoy!

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