How to Sell on VarageSale: 6 Tips for Success

How to Sell on VarageSale

I know a lot of moms who use VarageSale, a virtual garage sale website/app, to sell new and gently-used items from their home to declutter and make back a little bit of money they’ve spent on clothing and toys for their kids. I’ve used VarageSale from time to time over the last few years to sell and purchase things for my family, too, and I think it’s a really great way to get rid of things you don’t use anymore. Plus, reselling household items helps to keep junk out of the landfill. By paying attention to detail and anticipating buyers’ questions, you can use your time more efficiently to earn the highest price for your items for sale! Your time has value, too, don’t forget. Here are six tips I’ve come up with for how to sell on┬áVarageSale.

Tip #1: Sell similar items in lots.

If you’ve got a number of items that are similar, you can sell them together in a “lot”. For example, instead of trying to sell and manage the transactions for a dozen boys’ t-shirts that are in and around the same size, sell them together as one item containing all of the t-shirts. This saves you time not only in posting all of the individual items, but managing interactions with buyers, as well. Can you imagine responding to, and trying to arrange pick-up times for twelve different items versus one lot containing twelve items?

Tip #2: Post high-quality pictures.

I can’t stress this enough. I’ve seen so many examples of bad VarageSale photos, I don’t know where to start. Examples of poor quality photos include fuzzy images, photos of the items in poor condition, wrinkled clothing, dark photographs, photos that show a huge mess in the background…I could go on and on. Arrange your item(s) attractively in an area of your home that has good natural lighting. Make sure the photograph is clear and easy to see. Make sure it’s easy for potential buyers to see what is for sale in the photo right away! Taking a little extra time with your photos will help your items sell faster and for the price they deserve.

Depending on the item, it might also be a good idea to include multiple photos of your item, a feature that VarageSale supports. I like to include a close-up of clothing tags showing the size, or a closeup of the titles of books. Try to imagine questions that potential buyers may ask about your item for sale, and then answer those questions by providing high-quality and detailed photographs.

Tip #3: Set reasonable prices.

Before posting your items for sale, have a look in the appropriate Category in VarageSale to see what price other sellers are asking for similar items. If you want to sell your item quickly, set a price that’s lower than others are asking for the same or similar item. If you are willing to wait a little bit longer to sell your item, set the price you’re comfortable with. Used items will never sell for the same price they’re available for in the stores, even if they are brand new with tags.

Tip #4: Interact with people.

This advice is for buyers and sellers. When you click the button on an item that tells the seller you’re interested, take a moment to send him or her a personal message! I rarely reply to buyers who don’t message me to offer a time for pick-up.

It’s also polite to respond to comments left on your postings, including answering questions and thanking people for their interest when the item has sold.

It’s also a great practice to use the “praise” feature when you’ve sold an item to provide some feedback for your buyer! Nine times out of ten, the buyer will also praise you, and the more praises you earn, the better! This makes you a more trusted seller! Buyers will begin to recognize you in your VarageSale Community and are likely to do business with you again.

Tip #5: Use detailed headings for your postings.

Include the size, brand and condition of the item right there in the title of the item. I’ve seen some cute items of clothing for sale in my feed, but scrolled right on by because the description didn’t tell me the size. An example of a great, descriptive heading for an item I saw recently was, “BNIB Men’s Size 10 Head Indoor Performance Sneakers.” A potential buyer can tell right away all kinds of information about the item, and is more likely to buy it!

Tip #6: Set your personal policies in your profile.

Do you allow for porch pick-ups? Do you deliver? Include these details in your profile to avoid having to write them in the description for every item you post. You might also include whether you live in a smoke-free or pet-free home, as this is important to many buyers. There is nothing worse than buying an item and bringing it home to find it reeks of cigarettes.

Do you use VarageSale? Do you have any additional bits of advice to share with others who use this helpful platform? Please share in the comments, below!

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