How to Earn Money With Spare5

how to earn money with spare5

(This post contains affiliate links, which means you and I will both receive a bonus if you sign up with Spare5 using this link. More details below!) In the middle of December 2016, I stumbled across an organization called Spare5. This organization hires workers, whom are referred to collectively as “Fives,”  to perform micro-tasks in exchange for a small payout. I decided to dig a little deeper and see what Spare5 is all about and to see if I could earn a little extra money doing these tasks. I downloaded the Spare5 app from the Apple App Store, and within a day or so of using it, I had earned enough to buy myself a coffee. I kept performing these micro-tasks and decided that rather than playing games on my phone, I could use it to earn a little bit of cash on the side. I’ve been using the site for about a month, now, and I thought I would share with you how to earn money with Spare5, too.

What Spare5 is Not

Spare5 is not a tool for income replacement. There is no job application to begin using the app. All tasks are paid out automatically each week via PayPal, with a $1.00 threshold for payout. This means you must have earned at least one dollar for Spare5 to pay you each week. To get started, you simply download the app or go to the Spare5 website and sign up. Although there is no prerequisite job experience for using Spare5, there are Qualifiers and Training modules that users must pass in order to be automatically assigned tasks to do.

What Kinds of Tasks Should You Expect?

In the beginning, I was assigned tasks such as Image Tagging and Identifying the Sport in the Image.

Image Tagging–For this task, I was asked to look at an image, and apply three or four tags that would describe what is in the image. There is usually a tag already applied that you cannot use in your tags. For example, if there is a Snickers bar in the image, the tag “Snickers” may not be used in the tags you create. This is a simple task to perform, and for each one I submitted, I earned two cents.

Identify the Sport in the Image–This task is just as it sounds. An image was shown on the screen, and I was asked to identify by a drop-down list which sport could be seen in the image. For each of these submitted, I earned one cent.

As I became a more experienced user, I began to be offered additional Qualifiers and Training modules to complete which would unlock more tasks for me. The new tasks included categorizing hotel reviews into the topic(s) discussed (i.e. Does the hotel review discuss Cleanliness, Location, Staff, etc.?) as well as reviewing this task performed by others. There was also a task for identifying road markings and creating boxes around vehicles in an image.

The highest paying task I have encountered since beginning with Spare5 was identifying road markings for ten cents per task. Also, sometimes there is a task available for creating bounding boxes around up to 25 vehicles in an image, which pays up to 25 cents per submission.

Why Learn How to Earn Money With Spare5?

While Spare5 certainly isn’t going to pay your rent, it’s fun to be part of their community, and to interact with other “Fives” from all over the world. Some more experienced members find the user forums to be a frustrating experience, since many of the workers ask the same questions repeatedly, in spite of their being a rather comprehensive FAQ document available. However, I enjoy the opportunity to contribute with an international community, and the Spare5 support team is very friendly, patient and reliable in responding to e-mails.

In addition to earning money for your tasks, you also earn “XP,” or Experience Points, as you go. The more experience points you earn, the more tasks and qualifiers will be sent your way.

Spare5 could be a great way for you to earn a little side cash if you:

  • Spend time sitting in a car pool lane waiting for your kids after school–use Spare5 while you’re waiting for them!
  • Spend a lot of time commuting by public transit –use Spare5 to help cover the cost of your train fare!
  • Play games on your phone before bed–use Spare5 instead and have fun getting paid to complete tasks, instead.
  • Feel bored at home. After the housework and errands are done, it’s nice to sit down with a coffee and do some tasks. It feels like a game, but it’s real money that you’re paid.

Tips for a Successful Start with Spare5

  • Do all of the qualifiers that are available to you. Do them well.
  • Have reasonable expectations for the number of tasks that will be available to you. Sometimes there will be no tasks available, and some days there will be a ton.
  • Take advantage of the days when there are many tasks available and complete as many as you can. If nothing seems to be happening, it’s probably not about your account or the quality of your work, but the availability of work at the time for everyone.
  • While it is against the rules to use any kind of automation for refreshing your computer screen, it’s okay to hit “Refresh” occasionally on your computer or phone screen to check for more tasks. This is how I got a lot of tasks completed in the early days.
  • Spare5 isn’t going to earn you full-time (or even a living part-time) wage. It can, however, add up to legitimate savings or a way to pay for a treat for yourself each month. Learning how to earn money with Spare5 could help you pay for your child’s swimming lessons, a monthly manicure or a subscription to your favorite magazine.

My First Month’s Earnings with Spare5

I started using Spare5 mid-way through their pay week, which runs Thursday to Wednesday, so the first week’s payout was not for a full week.

  • Week One: $12.60
  • Week Two: $30.23
  • Week Three: $31.37
  • Week Four: $6.83

As you can see, the payout varies widely according to the tasks available and the time you have to spend doing tasks. In the first month, this totals $81.03 USD paid out to me. I can think of a few things to do with eighty bucks, can’t you?

If you’ve got any questions about Spare5 and how to get started, you’re welcome to ask in the comments below. If you’d like to get started now, you can earn a $1 bonus by using this link to sign up. Once your earnings reach $10, I’ll earn $2 as a thank you for referring you. You can also refer your friends in the same way when you teach them how to earn money with Spare5.

(Oh, and one other thing that I like about Spare5 is that you can donate a percentage or all of your earnings to the charity of your choice. It’s easy to set up in the Payments & Charity tab on the site.)

Happy Tasking!

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