Disney’s Sandcastle Club for Kids

Disney's sandcastle club

Last June, I took our son Nate on a trip to Walt Disney World with some girlfriends of mine and their kids. Nate is somewhat of an anxious kid, and although he absolutely loved visiting all of the Disney theme parks, he was hesitant to go on the rides there. This meant I enjoying the attractions solo while he was supervised by my friends. While they were very supportive and helpful, I didn’t want to take advantage of them. Nate and I had a lot of fun at the parks on his terms, but twice during the trip I took advantage of the Sandcastle Club at the Beach Club Resort so that I could enjoy some “grown-up time” with my friends and ride the attractions I didn’t want to miss. Nate absolutely loved the Sandcastle Club! Here are some of the reasons we think Disney’s Sandcastle Club is awesome for kids visiting Walt Disney World.

Disney's sandcastle club

Our Review of Disney’s Sandcastle Club

Date Night for Mom & Dad

Childcare services like Disney’s Sandcastle Club give parents visiting Walt Disney World theme parks the opportunity to go and be kids themselves, without the responsibility of putting their kids’ needs first, even if it’s just for a few hours. Because we have one child, Graham and I would not be able to go on rides like the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or Hollywood Tower of Terror together. Checking Nate into the Sandcastle Club will give us the chance to have a date night, Disney-style.

Character Interaction for the Kids

On both of the nights that Nate attended Sandcastle Club, a Disney character made an appearance. These intimate character encounters can be rare at the Disney theme parks, so if your kids enjoy meeting Disney characters up close and personal, this is a great way for you to make this happen for your kids.

Dinner is Included

Your kids will be fed dinner at Disney’s Sandcastle Club. When we registered, we were provided with a menu so that we could select Nate’s dinner ahead of time. There were lots of kid-friendly options to choose from, including a drink and dessert item. Dinner was served around 6 pm, and a snack was also provided later in the evening.

The Price is Right

Kids can be dropped off at the Sandcastle Club as early as 4:30 pm, and pick-up time is midnight at the latest. There is a flat rate of $55 USD charged for the evening, which means parents have, at the most, seven and a half hours of child care available to them, which works out to under $8/hour. I don’t know about you, but at home we pay sitters more than $8/hour, meaning this is a lot of value for your dollar, especially when you factor in a character appearance and dinner for the kids! You can have a lot of fun at Walt Disney World in seven hours! Nate didn’t stay later than about 10:00 pm when he attended Sandcastle Club, but the staff there assured me that if he felt tired before I came to pick him up, they had a comfy area where he could cuddle up to watch a Disney movie until I arrived.

Activities and Programming

Each night at Disney’s Sandcastle Club there were different activities planned. The kids baked “magic cookies” one evening, and had a ping pong tournament the next. There were tons of toys, video games, art supplies and board games for the kids to play with. I had no doubt that Nate would be kept busy and entertained the entire time he was there, and I was right.

Disney's sandcastle club

Now that we are planning another family adventure at Walt Disney World, Nate is looking forward to returning to Disney’s Sandcastle Club at the Beach Club Resort. The chance to play with other kids while having fun with Disney characters is really appealing to him. We’re so happy that Nate loves the Sandcastle Club because it will give Graham and I the chance to head out to the parks for dinner and to ride the attractions together. We highly recommend you give the Sandcastle Club a try the next time your family visits a Walt Disney World resort!

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