Best Disney YouTube Channels

best disney youtube channels

Disney vacation planners fall into two camps: those who wing it and those who don’t. If you’re a compulsive planner like me, you’ll probably spend at least some of your time planning an upcoming Disney vacation by watching YouTube videos about Disney food, parks, resorts and attractions. To help you weed through the many options available, I’ve compiled this short list of the best Disney YouTube channels to follow when you’re planning a Disney vacation.

Best Disney YouTube Channels

Disney Food Blog

This channel and accompanying Disney Food Blog is an amazing resource when you’re planning which Disney food venues to visit on your next Disney vacation. It’s also fun for when you just want to drool over high-definition images of Dole Whip. The Kitchen Sink Sundae at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop also looks extra delicious in HD! I used Disney Food Blog to help narrow down our restaurant choices for  our upcoming trip to WDW. The hosts are friendly, warm, funny and it’s clear they love what they do. This is hands down one of the best Disney YouTube channels out there.

Here’s just one of their recent mouth-watering videos.


Free of commentary, iThemePark videos take you on a virtual walk-through of Disney theme parks, complete with attractions and resorts. This is a perfect channel for you if you miss Walt Disney World and you just need a dose of your favorite Disney experiences. This is where I first became intrigued by Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom and I found that having a sneak peek at the ride gave me the courage to try it once I got to the park in person.

Here’s the video of Expedition Everest in action…spoiler alert!

A Magic Production

Think of this channel as the “DIsney History Channel.” This channel primarily features videos about the history of the Disney parks and resorts around the world. There’s lots of interesting Disney trivia to learn here.

Here’s a video I recently enjoyed all about Space Mountain, one of the attractions that’s on my wish list!

Big Fat Panda

This is a great channel for keeping up with current events, gossip and rumors about the Disney parks from a true fan. Host John Sccheri is featured in the documentary, The Dreamfinders, a film about digital content creators who have made a career out of sharing their passion for all things Disney online.

Here’s one of John’s videos, all about the amazing secret nacho experience at Pecos Bill’s at Magic Kingdom.

Do you watch Disney content on YouTube? Got a great channel to share? Please add it in the comments section below!

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