• Coaching
  • Hustle

    I came across this 90 second video in my Twitter feed this morning and I really liked it. I liked the message that delves into the struggles experienced by entrepreneurs. As the narrator states, hen it comes to running your own business, whether you’re in sales or offering a service or you’re a freelance writer or […]

  • Running
  • Learn to Run 5K

    Last year I became one of those crazy people who runs. I say “crazy people” because Graham and I used to poke fun at the runners we’d see in our neighbourhood. “How can they enjoy that?” we’d marvel. Then I decided I wanted to learn to run 5K. A year later and I totally get it. […]

  • Fire Starter Sessions
  • My Easy Priorities Worksheet

    This post was written as a response to Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions Audio Course, Session 2. 1. What actually needs to get done in your life and livelihood? As in, must happen in order for things to basically run smoothly. The activities of running the household, like planning and cooking meals, tidying, cleaning, making the beds, […]

  • Law of Attraction
  • Untethered

    The universe thinks it’s so funny. I’ve been using my Desire Map planner to write down my daily offerings of gratitude, and there’s also a spot for naming what sucks. I love that my planner gives me a chance to write down the things I want to change, even if I don’t know how I’m going […]